Terms and Conditions

First off we are a group of owner/drivers mainly consisting of exotics and supercars that like to actually DRIVE their cars. We do a variety of events from casual cruises, Cannon Ball style runs and track events. Some events are open to the public, some are private and some are invite only.

You are responsible for yourself, your passenger and your vehicle!

PRIVACY - We are specifically a private group. This is by design to make sure everyone is an equal on here. Some people enjoy posting their cars publicly and others do not want to advertise what cars they own. Respect the groups privacy and while generally cars are fair game for pictures while parked avoid pictures of the owners without permission. We do not tolerate video being taken while driving and posted publicly, you are also responsible for your passengers. This is zero tolerance and will result in an immediate removal and ban.

SAFETY - Don't be an idiot...... 
To expand on that we will generally repeat these rules before we head out for a cruise. Do NOT apex turns on public roads! If we see you crossing double yellow lines or apexing turns into the opposite lane it will result in a ban. Don't drive outside your comfort level, if you cannot see the car in front of you and there is a line of cars behind you let them pass and move towards the back and enjoy the drive. Don't push yourself or your car because you feel pressured.

BURNOUTS - Save them for track days
We are a very high profile group when rolling around town to car shows and other events. Rev your engines as much as you want, but burnouts and racing away from those types of events will just give us a bad name. All our cars are crazy fast, lets not give ourselves that reputation or worse damage someone else's property.

Other Stuff:
Please be on time to meet-ups, We don't like to have drivers idling too long once we are ready to go. Please remember to show up with a full tank of fuel, some of the areas we go to have no gas stations along the route.

Adding Members:
One of the things that makes this group work is that we try to be selective and exclusive. We receive dozens of requests a week to join and turn down requests mainly because we don't know who they are. 
If you have someone you feel would be a good fit, it's best to invite them to a Cars and Coffee event and introduce them to one of the ND4SPD Board Members.

We have multiple routes that we run and will select the best one based on the number of cars and skill of the drivers right before we leave. Generally we do not announce the routes beforehand. If you have a route you would like to lead, please let us know.

If there are ever questions or concerns message a board member or email us. If you are looking to learn how to be a better driver or how to maximize performance of you vehicle just ask. There are a number of professional/semi-professional drivers in the group that would be happy chat more with you.

If you have anything else to add please let us know, this is a group of friends. We want everyone to have a good time, you all work hard and time spent with us should be enjoyable.


Important Notes!

This club only accepts people ages 21 and older. This is so that we collect mature drivers that are responsible and drive SAFE! There is a $350 member initiation fee to get in the club that will be sent to you through email after you have been approved by the ND4SPD Team.